The online auction for Safari in the City 2019 will open soon. Safari in the City is ZSL’s annual gala, a truly unique fundraising dinner like no other. Proceeds from Safari in the City help to support ZSL in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade. Thanks to generous donations from previous galas and auctions, ZSL is working across the globe to protect endangered animals against the illegal wildlife trade. As the illegal wildlife trade reaches unprecedented levels, time is running out for some of the world’s most iconic species. Every year at least 120 tigers are killed for their body parts, every day 60 elephants are killed for the ivory trade and every 5 minutes a pangolin is killed for their meat and use in medicines. By taking part in this online auction, you will join us in protecting these unique animals. Together we can #EndWildlifeCrime for good. Please check back soon to discover Safari in the City’s unique prizes and place your bid.